Suehiro & Nakano Lab.

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Despite the long history, electrostatics is still challenging and exciting research subjects. Thus far, applications of electrostatics have been found in various technologies including high voltage apparatus, ink jet printer, xerography, electrostatic precipitator, exhaust gas treatment and so on. Recently, electrokinetic phenomena such as electrophoresis and dielectrophoresis have found useful applications in biotechnology and nanotechnology. Besides benefits from the industrial applications, electrostatics still provides new insights about fundamental relationship between substance and electrical charges. In our lab, we are involved in research subjects based on applied electrostatics for the cross-disciplinary area such as bio and nanotechnology. Especially, we currently focus on electrokinetic manipulation of micro and nano-scaled materials and its application for fabrication of Bio-MEMS devices and chemical sensors. We are always looking for an opportunity to collaborate with outstanding researchers and ambitious young students, who want to share the same academic interests and passion for science.

Junya Suehiro, Professor